Tshon Gang

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Tshon Gang

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Tashi delek,

Tsong Gang, a Bön Dzogchen Term which is also used/ known, in Tantra.
Nyingma also knows this Tshon Gang very well, whereas as far as i know is this term not used in the other Tibetan Spiritual Traditions.
In Hinduism of Kashmir; a neighbor country of the Zhang Zhung kingdoms, it is known under aṅguṣṭhamātra.

Maybe you are convinced that this entity named Tsong Gang, cannot be present ?

By: professor Kurt Keuzer

The Bön text entitled 21 Nails from the Aural Transmission of Zhang Zhung presents the notion of the wisdom (ye shes) Tshon Gang.

The nature of this wisdom Tshon Gang is expressed in the following quote from Nail 5 of the 21 Nails:

- It is formless wisdom beyond form, shape, and color.
- It is inexpressible wisdom beyond letters, words, and names.
- It is non-conceptual wisdom beyond the concepts and discernment of the intellect.

This passage echoes many familiar descriptions of the natural state (gnas lugs); however, the physical locality of the wisdom Tshon Gang is
described later in Nail 9 of the 21 Nails:

The physical heart of flesh
Is like a jeweled vase of alloyed metals.
The luminous wisdom Tshon Gang
Is like a lamp inside that vase.

Thus, the wisdom Tshon Gang presents the paradox that the enlightened Reality Body (Bön sku), the king of awareness (rig pa’i rgyal po) which is
beyond form, shape, and color.
The best meditation is no meditation
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