Manifestation of Rainbow Body by Khenpo Acho

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Manifestation of Rainbow Body by Khenpo Acho

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The name of the rainbow body achiever was Khenpo AChos . He was born in Xinlong in May 1918. He learned characters at the age of 7 and became a monk at the age of 10. At the age of 14, he practiced Buddha dharma in the Buddhism Study College at the local temple. At the age of 22, he studied at Sera Monastery which was one of the three major temples of Gelukpa sect in Lhasa. He had memorized a variety of sutras in 48 different dialects. He was proficient in exoteric and esoteric Buddhism and was very wise and strictly obedient to the precepts.During the chinese cultural revolution, he suffered from very cruel and inhumane torture. Even in those days of total darkness, he did not complain to anyone. He remained consistently faithful to his Master and the Three Jewels and diligently practiced the Buddhadharma.

Around 1992, the Master many times entered into a kind of unique state of phenomena for a long term. Had he entered Samadhi or was he in a state of unconsciousness? The attendants were all confused and did not know the status of this phenomenon. Two persons, Luosang Ningzha and Lama Norta , headed toward H.H. Khenpo Achuk Rinpoche’s place to request advice. Achuk Rinpoche said, "That was a kind of realization state of entering the Great Perfection where all the attachments have disappeared in the dharma realm.

Several mysterious phenomena occurred around the Master's meditation cabin in late August of 1998.Coming out of nowhere, a snow white bird flew by. It was neither noisy nor agitated like any other birds or sparrows but appeared to be quiet, peaceful, and fearless to humans. It remained close enough to reach out and touch and stayed with them for seven days.For a long period of time, a beautiful melody was heard, like the sounds sung lightly by a female, which was sweet in harmony. Yet, strangely, listening from the yard, the sounds seemed to be coming out from the Master's cabin; when people went into the cabin it seemed that the sounds surrounded the top of the roof

After certain signs occurred, the disciples knew that their Master was going to leave this world. On August 28th, they prayed compassionately to the Master to receive his teachings forever and inquired about the matter of his reincarnation. The Master expounded happily with answers. In the meantime, he bestowed important teachings to them.At 2 o'clock in the afternoon of August 29th, without illness, the Master twirled a mala and while lying in an auspicious sleep position and chanting the Six-Syllable mantra, passed peacefully. He passed away naturally, freely and was comfortable.

At 7 o'clock the same evening, the disciples, following the ritual of Tibetan rules for great virtuous beings, took off the Master's clothes in preparation to cover him with Dharma clothes. Right at this moment, a miracle happened. From head to toe, all the old aged and wrinkled skin disappeared from the khenpo’s entire body. The Master's skin changed into the condition of a seven or eight year old child. Fresh and tender, the body was not old and clumsy like his 80 old body before he passed away.

In the morning of August 30th, Lama Norta (Chicheng Jiachuo) made butter-lamp offerings in the Master's meditation room and found that the body underneath the Dharma clothes shrank a lot and had become smaller. Since then, day by day, the body shrank more and more. The disciples did not know what to do.
On September 1st, they rushed over to consult H.H. Khenpo Achuk Rinpoche at Yachen Gar in Baiyu County. H.H. Khenpo Achuck Rinpoche said, "It is better to keep this matter secret, so by all means, do not advance these findings to anyone. People who have violated any of the Fundamental Precepts of Esoteric Buddhism are restricted from touching Khenpo Achos’s body. Do not move the body within seven days. Wait until the eighth day to make any arrangements."

On the morning of the eighth day, a total of six people went into the cabin. They opened the Dharma clothes on the bed. Suddenly everyone was astounded. Nothing remained on the bed. There wasn't even a hair on the bed at all and the entire flesh and bones of the body had not gone to the sky or to the ground. It had completely transformed into rainbows. It had completely transformed into rainbows as witnessed by many people.

Many people saw these phenomena. At first, they thought it was the auspicious sign appearing for the coming back of the Jingmei Huo Fo who lived in India. They did not expect it to be the passing away of the Master. Many people including Gongboji saw that two sides of the Master's meditation room emitted several rainbow lights, and the top of the light beams entered into a dim sky. Where the Master lived, many people had seen the colorful rainbows appear in the sky for several consecutive days. These rainbows, occurring from time to time, filled the sky.

After Khenpo Achos transformed into rainbow light, they sent the true account of this rainbow body achievement to the eminent monastics and practitioners in India and Tibet. They particularly reported these or phenomena to Dharma King Jigme Phuntsok ... -chos.html" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Manifestation of Rainbow Body by Khenpo Acho

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Re: Manifestation of Rainbow Body by Khenpo Acho

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Khenpo Acho is a great being.
There is a biography available in Chinese, describes how he learn and practice dharma.
He is both Geluga and Nyingmapa, and he practice like a very standard Kadampa: deligent, disciplined, compassionate and knowledged. In the bio there are numbers of all practices he has done, gosh those big numbers!
At the same time, he got Dzogchen teachings from HH Dudjom Rinpoche etc, and also chanted a lot of Vajrakila (Dudjom rinpoche actually enthroned him as a dharma holder of his VajraKilaya terma). In his late stage of life, it's said that he entered the fourth stage of Dzogchen, which is not often seen even in Nyingma school.
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