AKB, Ch. 1, V. 40

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AKB, Ch. 1, V. 40

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Fifteen dhatus (10 material dhatus - five sense organs and five sense objects, and five sensory consciousnesses) are abandoned through cultivation. The mental organ, mental objects and mental consciousness are of three kinds:
those abandoned by insight: 88 (of 98) unwholesome proclivities (anusaya) that lead to suffering.

those abandoned by cultivation: the remaining 10 proclivities, wholesome impure (kusalasasrava) and unobstructed-undefined (anivrta-avyakrta) formations, and impure uniformative (avijnapti).

those that are not abandoned: unconditioned factors and factors that are part of the noble path.

The undefiled and matter are not abandoned by seeing. Neither are the five consciousnesses (visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile).
There is no suffering to be severed. Ignorance and klesas are indivisible from bodhi. There is no cause of suffering to be abandoned. Since extremes and the false are the Middle and genuine, there is no path to be practiced. Samsara is nirvana. No severance achieved. No suffering nor its cause. No path, no end. There is no transcendent realm; there is only the one true aspect. There is nothing separate from the true aspect.
-Guanding, Perfect and Sudden Contemplation,
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