Chaphur Rinpoche - Transmission of Takla Mebar Tantra 29-30th MAY

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Chaphur Rinpoche - Transmission of Takla Mebar Tantra 29-30th MAY

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Transmission (Lung) of the Entire Takla Mebar Tantra,
Teachings and Ganapuja (Tsok Offering)
- 10th anniversary of the Chaphur Foundation.

5pm to 8pm Central European Time (CET)
May 29 & 30, 2021 8am-11am (PT) on Zoom

On the auspicious occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Chaphur Foundation, Rinpoche will transmit the entire text of the Takla Mebar Tantra. During the two-day on-line event, Rinpoche will also give teachings from a selected portion of the Takla Mebar Yidam Practice. At the conclusion, there will be a Tsok offering or Ganapuja led by Rinpoche.

Takla Mebar (Fire Tiger) is an ancient tantric practice of the Yungdrung Bon tradition. It is the wrathful form of the Yidam that removes outer, inner, and secret obstacles on the path to liberation. Takla Mebar is also Chaphur Rinpoche’s beloved personal Yidam and has been the Chaphur family lineage Yidam for thousands of years.

The Chaphur Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been supporting practitioners in the West for over a decade by facilitating the sponsorship of rituals at Nangzhig Monastery. These important Bon rituals have the power to improve health and to remove obstacles in many areas of life. The Foundation supports Nangzhig Monastery by forwarding all the donations received. Nangzhig is the world's largest monastery of the Yungdrung Bon tradition and is located in the Amdo region of Northeastern Tibet. All donations are gratefully received and are used to purchase food and other essentials required by the monks in their long-term studies at the monastery.

The requested donation for participating in the two-day online event with Chaphur Rinpoche is $25 or $50, depending on your circumstances. The entire donation will be donated to benefit Nangzhig Monastery.

One must attend the entire event to receive the complete transmission. The reading of the transmission itself will take about 6 hours and will be divided into several sessions. It is very important to attend all sessions.

We invite everyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the Takla Mebar practice, as well as to strengthen their relationship with the ancient Yungdrung Bon tradition. ... 074ab443b0 ... k-offering
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