Free Online Jodo-Shinshu Self-Study Course

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Free Online Jodo-Shinshu Self-Study Course

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This detailed course by the late Shinshu scholar Alfred Bloom will allow anyone who is interested to spend some time exploring Shinran Shonin's thought and basic 真宗学 ("Shin theology"). Each course module comes with a reading and s short multiple-choice self quiz. You can study at your own pace. May it benefit you:

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"One should cultivate contemplation in one’s foibles. The foibles are like fish, and contemplation is like fishing hooks. If there are no fish, then the fishing hooks have no use. The bigger the fish is, the better the result we will get. As long as the fishing hooks keep at it, all foibles will eventually be contained and controlled at will." -Zhiyi

"You should go and study with someone else. Soon." -Dongshan
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