Facebook funds AI mind-reading experiment

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Facebook funds AI mind-reading experiment

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University of California San Francisco scientists asked the patients to answer out loud a list of simple multiple-choice questions ordered randomly.

And the algorithms learned to identify:

the question they had been asked, 75% of the time
their chosen answer, 61% of the time

"Most previous approaches have focused on decoding speech alone," Prof Eddie Chang said, "but here we show the value of decoding both sides of a conversation - both the questions someone hears and what they say in response.

"This reinforces our intuition that speech is not something that occurs in a vacuum and that any attempt to decode what patients with speech impairments are trying to say will be improved by taking into account the full context in which they are trying to communicate.

"Currently, patients with speech loss due to paralysis are limited to spelling words out very slowly using residual eye movements or muscle twitches to control a computer interface.

"But, in many cases, information needed to produce fluent speech is still there in their brains.

"We just need the technology to allow them to express it."
A bit terrifying on it's own, but the fact Facebook is sponsoring it makes it 100 times more alarming. You can pretty much rest assured every single "big data" corporation. (Google, Twitter, Reddit, Microsoft, etc) Are also heavily researching this technology.

Now, combine this tech with:

https://futurism.com/artificial-intelli ... ture-house

And, now corporations, and the government will simply market devices with a neat use like.. "Control your devices with your mind.", and everyone will be wearing this tech, allowing these corps to literally record every single thought they have. Monitoring everything someone does online, and combining it with their brainwave activity will literally let them know everything you are thinking.

Good luck humanity.
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