Printing out Buddhist practice texts with 'no reproduction' copyright notice?

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Re: Printing out Buddhist practice texts with 'no reproduction' copyright notice?

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PadmaVonSamba wrote: Mon Apr 08, 2024 12:17 pm
Karma Dorje wrote: Mon Apr 08, 2024 11:13 am Throughout the history of Buddhadharma, copying of sacred texts was viewed as a meritorious activity. It was a far more common than having texts produced by large printings at places like Derge. That activity doesn’t cease to be meritorious because business interests have convinced governments over the last couple hundred years to enforce monopoly power over ideas.
So how much money are you donating to have dharma books printed and distributed for free?
How many texts are you copying by hand
(why give the money to Hewlett-Packard?)
How many texts are you translating?
How many translation projects are you supporting?

Talk is cheap.
Making Buddhist teachings available isn’t,
and never has been.
But go ahead, take what I produce and claim it as your property. (Bananas have grown freely for a million years. It’s ludicrous to pay those who pick them).
Colonialist appropriation much?

You can access more Buddhist texts on line for free today than you can read and properly digest in one lifetime. Hardly a monopoly on ideas.

Useful links for free Buddhist reading:
This is exactly it. There are ethical models for dharma translation like 84000, Lotsawa House, Access to Insight, the countless individually sponsored efforts that are contributed back to the sangha community, text preservation efforts like BDRC, etc. Over time the early translation efforts under copyright will be replaced with community efforts that respect the intention of the original material or offered on a donation basis as FPMT does with all of their digital content.

Dharma is nobody’s property.
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Re: Printing out Buddhist practice texts with 'no reproduction' copyright notice?

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Karma Dorje wrote: Mon Apr 08, 2024 12:59 pm Dharma is nobody’s property.
True, but you are still paying for internet to access online stuff. Instead of paying FPMT, you are paying Apple or Verizon or whoever.
Your choice.
The only difference is digital and paper. Otherwise you argue that when accessing Dharma material, your phone or computer and internet connection should be free.

You can argue that, good luck with it.

Someone has always paid for Dharna translations. Usually it was a king or some other wealthy person.
Where did they get their money?

The reasons why copyrights are important was discussed thoroughly on another thread a couple of months ago. You can look it up. It’s not all about money.

And very often Buddhist publishers are raising money for worthy purposes.

Until one knows the whole story,
it’s better not to pass judgment on others.
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