The tongue (continued)

Discussion of meditation in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.
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The tongue (continued)

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Continued from old thread ... 642#p19642

Someone mentioned.. naturally the tongue is in a position, sticking itself to roof (we do not notice it) !

In Indian Yogic techniques, it is a good, sign, if naturally, the tongue sticks to roof, because, that blocks, you from taking breadth from mouth !

The less you take breadth from mouth, the better !

Science, Medics, say, the more you inhale from nose, the better facial features (handsome face or beautiful face) you will have (There are tons of topics on this over internet).

As per Indian Science, tongue sticking to roof, means, you are in a state, where, your body signals to keep the breadth inhale or exhale only from the nose !

It is a sign, that mouth is simply doing it's business now, which is to talk, eat, drink or keep the mouth and tongue absolute still (only during meditation) !

It is a sign, Nose is functional now.... it is doing it's job ! which is simply to breathe, and feel the breadth !

It is a good omen for a Yogi, and tells you in a way, the energies are stuck in upper Energy Centers !

With Love,
Kashish Bhasin
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