Vajrasattva, 100 Syllable Mantra, and repairing samaya

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Vajrasattva, 100 Syllable Mantra, and repairing samaya

Post by ManiThePainter »

I'm not entirely sure where to post this so I hope it's okay here.

It's been a year since I received pointing out instructions and since then I've moved across the country, gone back to school and my wife and I are expecting a baby soon. As a result, I've barely practiced for a year and I'm quite sure I've broken samaya by not being vigilant. While I have not disrespected the dharma, vajra siblings or the lama, I've definitely broken samayas related to speech (though never involving anyone or anything related to the dharma), covetousness and I have struck my own body out of anger. I intended to start ngöndro but I got severely distracted by pointless activities.

So now I've decided to restore my samaya before I get preoccupied with studies and baby chaos. I have a feeling that I won't be as diligent as I'd hope to be and that any daily routine is going to go out the window very soon but I still think it's important. I have read that it's not good if samayas aren't repaired before 3 years so I've decided to visit the local Nyingma temple to try and repair it.

Here are my questions:
1. I've read that reciting the 100 Syllable Mantra can restore samaya but I'm not certain that this is the case. Is this true?

2. In order to recite the 100 Syllable Mantra you need to have Vajrasattva empowerment. I believe that this is also necessary in order to do ngöndro. I would just like some confirmation that this is the case.

3. Is it advisable therefore to go and request Vajrasattva empowerment from the local Nyingma lama? Will the empowerment repair samaya? How long is the empowerment?

Hope you can help me! Cheers!
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Re: Vajrasattva, 100 Syllable Mantra, and repairing samaya

Post by tingdzin »

1) Yes, it can.

2) It is most often recommended to get the empowerment, or at least a reading transmission.

3) It would be a great idea to request the empowerment. The empowerment can go a long way towards repairing samaya, if it is accompanied by the four powers (ask the lama about these, or read about them in a book like Words of my Perfect Teacher).

Your intention is admirable. It's better to practice every day for even five minutes than to give it up altogether, even if you don't think you're "getting anywhere".
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Re: Vajrasattva, 100 Syllable Mantra, and repairing samaya

Post by Ayu »

I agree.
And BTW, thinking, you don't get anywhere is a most usual feeling on the path. Nevertheless this thinking must not be true.
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