How are you preparing for death?

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Re: How are you preparing for death?

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pemachophel wrote: Fri Aug 04, 2023 3:45 pm IME, if one is a Vajrayana Buddhist, one should:

1. Receive and practice phowa/transference of consciousness until signs of accomplishment appear

2. At least receive the Zhi-thro empowerment and, if possible do some Zhi-thro practice

3. If one has received Dzogchen empowerment, one should also receive the oral transmission of the Bardo Thodrol/Liberation by Hearing and familiariZe oneself with the text, especially the prayers for death and dying

4. If possible receive and practice:

Dream yoga
Clear light yoga
And/or thogal

Then you should be more than good to go.

The funny thing is that even if we won't become qualified experts of dying
no one will tell us that we do not have qualifications to die properly,
so we must continue living until we learn how to die.
You are immortal still, we are sorry :shrug:

:woohoo: / :crying:
"Does it hurt being dead"??All beings are too dead to die
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