Elements Part 2

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Elements Part 2

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Space, the basis. The nature of all dharmas realized to be dharmata. 🫧

Earth. First empowerment. The bodymind realized to be indivisible from suchness, the deity, and all phenomena of the bodymind - the ‘World’ - realized as the mandala of the deity. 💎

Fire. Second empowerment. Burning, longing for the Unsurpassed. Habitual tendencies burned in the fire of this longing, the sword of our focus tempered in the Great Blacksmith’s fire. The great fire offering, afflictions offered, burned to ash. The flickering flames the play of Vajra Speech. 🔥

Water. Third empowerment. Fluid, fluids. Two poles, brought together. Deathless nectar obtained. All phenomena realized to be of a single taste, without any notion of pure or impure. 💧

Wind. Fourth empowerment. All movements freed - body, speech, consciousness, the three times, even the most subtle movement of consciousness, all freed, spontaneous, naturally accomplishing activity realized. 🌪

“Eventually, through familiarity in meditation practice, an experience of the infinite purity of all that exists wells forth from within.”
-HH Dudjom Sangye Pema Shepa Rinpoche
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