Wind powered prayer wheel

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Wind powered prayer wheel

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for the longest time I had the idea of constructing easy wind powered prayer wheels. Mostly because our retreat center has quite a lot of windy weather and let's be honest, world could use few more prayerwheels spinning rn. The idea is rather simple. Buy a can, put in the mandalas, fill with mantras, seal, decorate and somehow make it spin. Now as you may have noticed the idea how to make it spin is where the problems start for me.

Does anybody here know how it would be possible to make simple homemade win powered prayer wheel that spins even with softer wind?

In my head it could be done with a bearing, however I am not quite sure how. Does anyone have any idea how it could be done?
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Re: Wind powered prayer wheel

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Re: Wind powered prayer wheel

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Have you constructed one?

There are several types of vertical-axis wind turbines that could do the job. Here is one type explained by Robert Murray Smith:

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Re: Wind powered prayer wheel

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I tried doing this a few years ago after seeing wind-powered prayer wheels in Bhutan. Frankly, I couldn't get the vanes large enough to spin a rather heavily laden can and keep them attached in strong wind. Eventually I took the vanes off and put the can on a plug-in turntable. But I'd still like to do this. Let me know if you come up with a good design that's not too difficult to produce.

One really easy design I've seen in Asia is to cut out vanes from the sides of old plastic milk jugs, write the mantra on the sides of the vanes, and them stick the jug upside down on a pole. Works but maybe not the most esthetically pleasing.
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