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Re: Daily Laugh Thread

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So Dzamling Gar must come from Dzam as in Dzambala and "ling", or google says the world, and the phoneme Gar, gara/gare in Latin languages, train station in English.

It took me a long time to recall the memory of a train station when I read the word "Gar", and then that I have to buy a ticket to board the leaving caravan. It's not coming for free, or because I relaxed. I have to do the work if I want on the ride.

That is that, brothers and sisters! I have to get the ticket, the bonus, or whatever it is awarded for going beyond in the invisible.
Tashi Delek, was nice to see you on Sunday!

Will be back when reaching another mountain of proofs, another Mt. Kailesh, or K. Ailes, or ok, it's chosen as in the chosen mountain because the power of faith moves the mountains to go jump in the sea. It's been done already, otherwise it was not written. :lol:

I had not smoked anything yet. Nada! You could check. By the way, incense is used for feeding, isn't it?

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Re: Daily Laugh Thread

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You can't make this shit up! :rolling:

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Re: Daily Laugh Thread

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