Recipes for Yogis

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Re: Recipes for Yogis

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DharmaJunior wrote: Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:07 pmIf you would like an additional recipe or two please let me know :stirthepot: :heart:
More savory stews, please! :anjali:
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Re: Recipes for Yogis

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Try making a big vegetable stock. For example, saute onions, celery stalks, several carrots, garlic, dried or fresh mushrooms, add in some herbs such as thyme, a bay leaf, and sprinkle on salt and pepper, maybe some white wine for vinegar-iness. Then transfer to a big pot and boil to simmer for at least an hour. Then sieve the mixture, and dump the mush clearly.

For the base, it's down to personal taste, so there are no pro's and con's. There's variation and $$$ in between, but the basics seem to be mutual. anyway..

Fry up some onions & peppers in a deep pan on medium/high heat (with seasoning). In a saucepan, add garlics, maybe chillis; generally heat sensitive ingredients on low heat. Once sizzling, put in a tomato concentrate, or passata, then put in some pain the the arse ingredients (ones that are better/easier to find/cheaper powdered in other words), so sweet paprika, or onion powder or celery seeds, for example, or other ingredients you don't have to dry out for hours. Cumin seeds work very well, as I've mentioned before. Once all the spices have been added and going for a wee while, bulk up with more tomatoes and/or the stock.

Any recipe that calls for strong flavours, eg: a lot of lemon, origano, cloves, cardamon etc.. are a bit above my station, although I do use them in some dishes. Now simmer the stew on a hob, or on low heat in the oven for a good hour. Add the sauted onions and peppers at the back end of the stew, thus avoiding mushiness. This can include lentils, eggplants and courgettes. Put in some diced tubers earlier or any other ingredients that you fancy, keeping in mind the general swampiness of the mix. Cruciferous vegetable definitely add a distinct flavour, very good for you, but as you may well know, make for an unusual mix.

Well, that's my food for thought, keep practicing and taste as you go.
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