Amoghapasha Empowerment & Oral Transmissions

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Amoghapasha Empowerment & Oral Transmissions

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Amoghapasha Empowerment, Nay-dren, Lung & Teachings With Tulku Sherdor
Saturday, Nov. 12 & Sunday, Nov. 13 Boulder Valley Ngakpa House, Lafayette, CO 80026

Sixty years ago, the Terton, H.H. Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, revealed a terma cycle dedicated to Amoghapasha, a form of Avalokiteshwara, the Buddha of Great Compassion. Amoghapasha has the special ability of pacifying the suffering of those who have died a violent or sudden death. H.H. Kusum Lingpa felt this form of Avalokiteshwara is especially important for this disaster-plagued time.

On Saturday, Tulku Sherdor will give the Amoghapasha empowerment (wang) and oral transmission (lung) and then, on Sunday, He will teach and we will practice the associated naydren, a ritual for guiding a departed being through the three bardos and six realms, leading them to Liberation.
Attendees will be able to submit names of the deceased for guidance and Liberation. Rinpoche will also give the lung for the Longchen Nyingthigphowa/transference of consciousness, and we will conclude with tshog on Sunday afternoon.

Schedule: 9 AM – 12 Noon & 2-5 PM each day

Place: 2539 Columbine Circle, Lafayette, CO 80026, just north of 95th & Arapahoe in Blue Heron Estates

Registration & questions: Email [email protected] or send a message on Facebook Messenger to Lama Pema Chopel. Because this is a private residence, there will be no unregistered walk-ins and there will be a limit to how many people can attend. So best to register early.

Additional events: On Monday, Nov. 14, we will drive to Crestone, CO, a three-hour trip to visit the stupas of H.H. the 16th Karmapa and Tulku Urgyen, one of Rinpoche’s Root Gurus. We will say prayers in the Dorje Yudronma shrine nearby built by Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and we will visit other Buddhist temples in the area. We will come back to Lafayette the same day. We will arrange for car- pooling and carvaning if people would like to join us on this trip.

Tuesday, Nov. 15, is La-bab Du-chen, the great time of Lord Buddha’s descent from Tushita Heaven where He was teaching His Mother, Mahamayi. This is one of the four great Buddhist holy days of Mahayana Buddhism. At 6:30 PM, we will recite several praises to the 12 Deeds of the Buddha, Ju Mipham’s Shakyamuni sadhana, Nayten Chagchod, an offering practice to insure the long life of the Gurus and the continuance of the Dharma, and Tenjay Monlam, a prayer for the propagation of the Ngagyur Nyingma School of Vajrayana Buddhism. We invite practitioners to join us in these prayers. Other possible activities that day have yet to be determined.

Offerings may be made directly to the Teacher at the end of each program.
Pema Chophel པདྨ་ཆོས་འཕེལ
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