European Sakya Mönlam in Paris 2022 (July 30th)

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European Sakya Mönlam in Paris 2022 (July 30th)

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An old kagyüpa like me is immensely pleased to announce that the 2nd Great European Sakya Monlam Prayer for Universal Peace and Harmony will take place from July 30th tu Aug. 1st at the Grande Pagode de Paris, 40 bis route de ceinture du lac Dumesnil 75012 PARIS FRANCE

Under the direction of His Holiness Sakya Tridzin

The Pagoda (run by UBF - French Buddhist Union) houses a three storey high Buddha and relics offered by Thaïland

This place houses since years the Europen Kagyü Mönlam, and nearby is the Kagyü Lama Temple, founded by Kyabjé Kalu 1 Karma Rangjung Künkhyab (1904-1989) with the intention that the area will house such events in the future ...

details at:
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