April 17 Teachings on the Tashi Yang-Gug – How to Increase Prosperity Energy

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April 17 Teachings on the Tashi Yang-Gug – How to Increase Prosperity Energy

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Khandro Kunzang from the Saraswati Bhawan is hosting the following event on Saturday, April 17:
Date: April 17
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 EST

Yang is the energy of richness, vitality and wealth, and is the background for our ability to attract auspicious circumstances to us, as well as to maintain it. Yang energy fluctuates according to our own actions and also astrological aspects.

Khandro Kunzang will give a teaching on the Tashi Yang Gug practice from the Rigdzin Sogdrup lineage. This teaching is especially for those who participated in the Kyed Pa Zhi course, and also for anyone who possesses a ‘Yang Bum’ or wealth vase. Traditionally, once you have a wealth vase, you need to re-install the Yang energy every year. This is typically done at the beginning of a new year, but it can be done anytime one’s Yang energy has declined. The Tashi Yang gug from the Rigdzin Sogdrub is a simple ritual that any practitioner can perform, especially if you are already performing the Riwo Sang Chod smoke offering.

This teaching will be a three hour zoom event with lecture and demonstration of the ritual. Texts and materials list will be provided to registrants, as well as an MP3 audio file of Lama Dawa Rinpoche performing the ritual.

Registration is required. To register, contact Dr. James Bae: [email protected].

Suggested donation: $35 – $50
https://www.phurbathinleyling.org/progr ... ty-energy/
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