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master of puppets
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Talk to Talk

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What taste does it leave you the world of suffering?

I personally become an addict to suffering.
That the feeling after removing the obstacles give me a different pleasure.
Don't know if it is sth about my age.
what's your relation with it?

Just for to talk to talk

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Re: Talk to Talk

Post by Ayu »

The world's suffering makes me cry. But that's no help.
I still have to learn how to bring a healing energy instead.
For the benefit and ease of all sentient beings. :heart:
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Re: Talk to Talk

Post by tkp67 »

I learned suffering is an amazing teacher.

I also learned that sharing what one learns from suffering through examples of such isn't well received.
Ayu wrote: Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:26 pm The world's suffering makes me cry. But that's no help.
I still have to learn how to bring a healing energy instead.
Nagarjuna calls the Lotus Sutra the great physician that can change poison to medicine. It reminded me of something my mother told me as she was getting sober and heavily involved in 12 step program helping others. I forget the exact dialog but it led to her commentary that "at some point all the suffering would be realized as a gift".

Looking at my own suffering I understood she had experienced it as such but at that point in my own life it was not fathomable.

At some point many, many years later after encountering unrelenting suffering I found relief and later I found this teaching. At some point I realized that suffering as a cause had the potential for a marvelous effect.

Suffering as an inseparable facet of existence as rain, soil and sun are to the plants that require it to grow. I learned to become grateful for the opportunity to suffer and to learn from it, the later being the most critical because that is where the poison turned to medicine for me.

It also helped me realize a part of my mother's existence that had evaded me while she was still alive. I honor her contribution to my existence with my behavior as a human being and she was my model. This was very confirming for me on many levels.

The empathy to feel suffering remains while the wisdom that there is another side to it reminds me that it need not be a condemnation. I had observed otherwise.

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Re: Talk to Talk

Post by DharmaN00b »

lovely :thanks: :heart:
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Re: Talk to Talk

Post by FiveSkandhas »

I am a bald-faced straight up coward when it comes to suffering. The prospect of physical, emotional, financial, and other forms of suffering gnaws at me day and night. Not suffering itself, although I've tasted it, as much as the fear of suffering. I just can't process it rationally.

So I just middle through I suppose.

"One should cultivate contemplation in one’s foibles. The foibles are like fish, and contemplation is like fishing hooks. If there are no fish, then the fishing hooks have no use. The bigger the fish is, the better the result we will get. As long as the fishing hooks keep at it, all foibles will eventually be contained and controlled at will." -Zhiyi
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