Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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Hi there,

I am currently practicing online Vajrayana and someone asked me about Korean Zen, specifically about Kwan Um and Seung Sanh. I have some previous experience with Soto Zen, but no idea about this school in particular. I did do some research and found some previous sex scandals in the 80's.

Any idea about the organization currently? Can I recommend it to this person or is it a big No? If you have any experience with them, how has it been so far? Thank you very much.
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Re: Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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There’s a Facebook page:
“Zen Space Penang at Haeng Won” which is part of the Kwan Um tradition. They reply to messages. The people are really nice. They also do a daily vegetarian cooking demo that’s at around 12 midnight New York time.
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Re: Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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The soto guy I work with likes The Compass of Zen from them- seems a good, clear book so far, its surely an important voice on the topic. Sahn likes to beat up on the Nichirens which I get a good laugh out of since I'm in SGI, so am very much enjoying it. The scandals associated with them don't seem as extreme as some of the other schools and they do seem to be pretty serious about practice, and not just its forms.
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Re: Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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I think it's a solid tradition and some very good people there, but like everywhere it varies.

From what I recall, the scandal was that SS, while wearing monastic robes had a relationship with one of the disciples. When confronted about it, he admitted it. For some this might be a deal breaker, for others not. :shrug:
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Re: Korean Zen Kwan Um, only center available.

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I've been practicing with them for 30 years, it's a fine organization. Been to many different center of theirs and attend many retreats with them. Questionable things happened 30-40 years ago yes but that was a long time ago and don't have any bearing on what's going on today. Highly recommended. :)
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