Celibacy and Tantric Buddhism

As Tantra often involves vows and samaya related to secret practice, this sub-forum has been created where Vajrayana practitioners can pose questions, and any of our members or staff can reply confidentially by PM.
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Celibacy and Tantric Buddhism

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Celibacy and Tantric Buddhism

Extracted and translated from the book "The Power of Compassion". Questions and answers to the Dalai Lama.


Q. Is celibacy required to attain enlightenment?

A.-I do not think in general. Then you must ask why the Buddha himself became a monk. I believe, from the point of view of the Viniya Sutra, that the main purpose of celibacy is to try to reduce desire and attachment.

From the point of view of Tantrayana, particularly the highest Tantrayana Yoga, energy, secretions, or special enjoyment is the source of energy used to dissolve the gross level of consciousness or the coarse level of energy. Through the experience of this special enjoyment, there is the possibility that the coarse level may eventually be dissolved. In this way secretions are the key to joy.

In Tibetan Buddhism, especially if you look at the iconography of the deities and their consorts can see a lot of symbolism very explicitly sexual that often causes the wrong impression. In this case the sexual organ is used, but the movement of energy is completely controlled.


You should never let the energy go out. This energy must be controlled and directed to the other parts of the body. What is required of the Tantra practitioner is to develop the ability to utilize the faculties of enjoyment and static experience that are specifically generated through the flow of regenerative fluids within their own energy channels. It is crucial to have the ability to protect oneself Even from the emission error. It is not an act of pure ordinary sexuality.

And here we can see that there is a special connection class with celibacy. Especially in the practice of "Kalachakra Tantra," this precept of protecting oneself from the emission of energy is considered very important. The Kalachakra literature mentions three types of joyful experience.

One is the joyful experience induced by the flow of energy;
-other is the immutable joyful experience;
-and another is the jubilant joyful experience.

For me, when Buddha adopted the vow of celibacy, at this level he did not explain the reasons that existed behind that rule or discipline. The full explanation comes when we know the Tantrayana system. Maybe this answers your question. So, I think the answer is: Yes and No!


Q.- And the answer you gave about the need for celibacy and the use of enjoyment and non-issue came from the point of view of man. Why is it never mentioned the aspect of the woman in these practices? What does a woman need to do with her energy to achieve Enlightenment through joy?

R. Dalai Lama.-
It is the same technique and principle. According to some of my Indian friends, practitioners of Indian Tantrayana also practice Kundalini and Chandralini. My information is that the woman also has some kind of energy, secretions. So it's the same method.

Source: http://www.vopus.org/pt/gnose/alquimia/ ... trico.html

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