"Dana for Dharma"

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"Dana for Dharma"

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Please note:

The staff team are currently finalizing plans to introduce a new sub-forum, working name "Dana for Dharma", for an initial trial period of up to six months.

"Dana for Dharma" is intended to be a sub-forum where contributing registered users who positively support this online community can post topics asking for personal financial support specifically in connection to Dharma activity, for example, help towards the cost of attending a retreat or teachings etc.

Once the new sub-forum is in place all topics will have to be approved by the staff team (before they become visible) to ensure requests submitted meet some simple criteria which will form part of the specific Guidelines for the "Dana for Dharma" sub-forum and which are also designed to prevent people from joining this community with the sole intention to solicit DW members for money.

In the meantime do not post any topics asking for financial support in any currently existing forum/sub-forum - such requests will be removed from view.

Thank you for your co-operation.

The Team

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