Too Much Tumultuous

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Too Much Tumultuous

Post by Jesse »

I can't quite remember how I got here
It apprehends my vision, apprehends my senses
my hiding places are very well hidden
and there's no way to stay
this maddening day from my vision.

All the tensions created by hollow past
and freshly minted beating heart
devolves into a relentless friction
insistent upon being first to dine
my past and future lives
exist simultaneously in contention

What remains when I forget myself
except this fraught heedless destruction;
bitter solitude; angst without a reason
pity and shame, and dullness of perception

It comes from a place so deep
that even in my reluctance
I cannot prevent these floods of dark emotions
from spilling over in rivers of deception
I live trembling before my own regressing hatred
A trap of mindless self obsessions
A poor fate that is soon to be forgotten
knowing that one day this will all be over,
and just one step too far will never be forgiven

It's plain as day I am begrudged by fate
and if I thought a single difference it would make
I'd offer my condolences, or is it apologies?
Either way it's all a little late.

Oroboros wrapped around the world
or is it just around my heart?
Slithering from one day to the next
I'd say what's on my mind
but there's no one there to listen
Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world:
A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;
A flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.
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