What is Wanted

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What is Wanted

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Pain without the pained,
deeds without the man who does,
peace, not a one calmed --
not what is “wanted,” dreamt of.

Instead: peace and calm,
deeds and the fame following,
cessation of pain
with the lingering of me
to enjoy it: what’s “wanted.”

Medicine is hard
for constant poison junkies.
What is (not) wanted.
Then, the monks sang this gāthā:

These bodies are like foam.
Them being frail, who can rejoice in them?
The Buddha attained the vajra-body.
Still, it becomes inconstant and rots.
The many Buddhas are vajra-entities.
All are also subject to inconstancy.
Quickly ended, like melting snow --
how could things be different?

The Buddha passed into parinirvāṇa afterward.
(T1.27b10 Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra DĀ 2)
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