The Cosmic Vast of the Space Shark.

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The Cosmic Vast of the Space Shark.

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The darkness and the light
Are the vast of space’s might
Yet there is no hindrance to a peaceful eye
That does not stare into the solar flare on high
But too lonely in the emptiness
Are those that strive to find their own happiness
Who lean towards the heat
Until they balance replete
Because the greatest gift is given
Why brave the world alone?
They soon find out
Giving others happiness is what it’s all about
And so like a cloud that is riven
The remainder’s illusion sinks like a stone
When you may be free of the Saha world’s suffering
But still, what happens until all others are freed from the material covering?
The Buddha Way is to liberate us all
Not just to make things like they were before the fall.


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