Artistic Contemplation

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Artistic Contemplation

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My world moves, who's speaking?
who's bleeding? I'm bleeding?
I'm bleeding! My demons!
a gentle reminders all I need
a subtle contemplation
on idle tendencies that destroy
we reap what is sown, I fear my face
who's to say, what's gained
what's lost
or whom

I'm nothing, nothing nothing nothing!
I'm here, I'm not
please forgive me
I'm not here anymore
not here
not here

I let the sound in
I let it destroy me
within it's palace
I am known, unknown
I am healed
It pierces
all that's vulnerable
all that's pained
all that's bleeding
it makes me whole
it makes me lost
it makes me gone
breath breath breath
I can't breath
I can't stop
I seethe
I am..
I am..
not here.

For all the musicians who've made life more bearable

"Just breathe, breathe into me"
- Psyclon Nine

"It's so dark inside- I can't breath inside
I can't move inside- now fade away"
- Reveille
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