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The Oros

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:38 pm
by Jesse
The worlds sorrows are painted in past tense tomorrows
and I always forget just where I am.
Could I ask the point and be bestowed with a glimpse that surpasses the unsurpassable?
What I ask for is something far beyond meddling mundane sensibilities.

And I know.. and I remember..
No such knowledge will ever be bestowed upon someone like me.


This is what I imagine as I ponder the painful reality in which we find ourselves.
This life which is sustained by the consumption of countless other lives,
and yet no thought is ever given, and yet no respect is ever paid.

The moment we truly comprehend that which we are, and how it is that we can be..
We find ourselves in ruin. Reduced to a nihilistic madness from which there is no escape.

Often I care too deeply, and yet at other times my hate and madness eat me alive.

Sometimes I wish I had never seen these truths.
Could a divine entity genuinely exist in such a cruel and harsh reality?
I struggle to see how that could be.
In fact, I hate the part of myself that wishes for such an easy convenience.

Someone once said it is the duty of humanity to widen our circle of embrace for all of nature, and for all living beings
But how to do such a thing?
When the very essence of this reality requires that we stomp, conquer, rape, destroy, and consume those lives in order to preserve our own.

I often wonder why I am here and it's not that I think we have some inherent purpose to fulfill,
rather what is it even possible to do while keeping in mind the harsh nature of this place we find ourselves in?


Come and take me
Before my heart wavers
And I fall to my true nature..

Because my nature..
Our nature..
Nature is


Re: The Oros

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:13 am
by muni
Thank you Jesse for this inspiring creativity.

Mind creates samsara mind creates nirvana
Dancing shadows of compassionate light.

From where comes my craziness?
Careless respectless me me me
This circling around again and again?

Mind has no substance
Mind abides nowhere
All abides in Mind!
How crazy is this grasping!

I am never far from those with faith
Or even those without it
Though they do not see me.
My children will always
Be protected by my compassion.
* * * Pema Jungne * * * :buddha1: :heart:

Re: The Oros

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:20 pm
by cjdevries
Wonderful poem, thank you.