Garchen Rinpoche - The Vajrakilaya Drubchen online - Nov. 16 to 24

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Garchen Rinpoche - The Vajrakilaya Drubchen online - Nov. 16 to 24

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The Vajrakilaya Drubchen, a most powerful practice for removing obstacles, will be led by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche in Arizona, and will live-streamed on the Garchen Buddhist Institute YouTube channel:

Useful links: (1) Garchen Rinpoche explaining and bestowing the Vajrakilaya empowerment

(2) Garchen Rinpoche chanting the Vajrakilaya mantra

In the first video Garchen Rinpoche says that receiving the Vajrakilaya empowerment is very beneficial in itself, and receiving this empowerment doesn’t mean that one must practice Vajrakilaya instead of a different deity one might already be more familiar with.
“In fact, if we constantly change our practice from one deity to another, the results will not be so great.”
Rinpoche also said that the root samaya of the Vajrakilaya empowerment is to cultivate and sustain loving kindness and compassion, and to practice mindfulness and patience in our daily lives.
Vajrakilaya is the wrathful manifestation of Vajrasattva and among the bodhisattvas he appears as Vajrapani. The compassion of the buddhas is expressed forcefully, in order to destroy ignorance and the mental afflictions that create all of our obstacles and prevent realization.

Garchen Rinpoche said that to participate in a teachings or a mantra recitation practice, or to receive an empowerment via live-stream, if combined with devotion and bodhicitta, can be as beneficial as one’s physical presence.

Schedule (Arizona time)

Saturday Nov. 16
9am – 12pm, 2pm – 5pm Teachings by Garchen Rinpoche

Sunday Nov. 17 9am – 12pm — Teachings by Khenpo Tenzin 2pm – 5pm — Vajrakilaya Empowerment by Garchen Rinpoche

Nov. 18 - 24 Vajrakilaya Drubchen with spontaneous teachings given by HEGR

More information on

Many thanks to Oleg Yatsenko for drafting this announcement!
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Re: Garchen Rinpoche - The Vajrakilaya Drubchen online - Nov. 16 to 24

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Khemmis, are you there for it ?

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