Looking for someone who speaks dialect of Aba in Tibet

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Looking for someone who speaks dialect of Aba in Tibet

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I have contact to a young Tibetan by WeChat. He is in Shanghai and has some problems.Comes from the city Aba in Tibet. He says he is sure he cannot understand people from Ganzi area. He says he was there and he knows.

But according to this article his dialect should be Kham Dialect?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngawa_Tib ... Prefecture

he wrote me Chinese letters that tell the area or the Dialect in Chinese. WeChat translator made of that: Jiajun Tibet
The problem is, he is learning English but would maybe need somebody who speaks his dialect to explain some Grammar. And I understood that the translators that I know, who speak Tibetan, English German, do not speak his dialect, as they are translating Lamas who speak Kham.

Does somebody know how the Tibetans are surviving in India? If the often can´t even speak to each other??The monasteries in India, do they all belong to only one area of Tibet? So that there is always a monastery in Tibet, that is the same lineage as the monastery in India, so that all who belong to that lineage, can understand each other?
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