Walchu Ritual

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Walchu Ritual

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Tashi delek,

This is the power of the mantra. “Walchu” ritual of the healing purification by the five elements. With the empowerment of the mantras they put the butter balls in the boiling water (dbal-chu) and the butter doesn´t melt and then they take it out with their bare hand with no harm. These butter balls will be used for healing purposes. A huge iron pan full of white pebbles is heated up until they turn red and they throw them around in the crowd to purify without leaving burn marks. Then an iron axe is fired up until it turns red. Then they take it with bare hand and use it to heal or remove obstacles. This ritual was performed this years by Bonpo Ngakpas in Samling monastery in Dolpo.


By: Choekhortshang Rinpoche

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Re: Walchu Ritual

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Throwing ice cold butter balls into boiling water for a couple of seconds won’t make them melt. Similarly, you can grab stuff out of boiling water if you dip your fingers in ice water first.
But what’s really amazing here, I think, is that they can do all this and nobody’s robes or chupas caught on fire!
That is a miracle!
I enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing it!
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