Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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By: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.


In conceptualizing faults and features of samsara and nirvana, Ignorant erroneous conceptions differ from primordial wisdom.
Within the essential basis, these are not two.

Ma, Bu, and Tsal
In the Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyud, there is a twofold exposition of the base of the primordial state: first, a brief discussion of the essential
teachings, and, second, a discussion of the generation of luminosity.

The explanation of the essential teachings is given in 3 sections:
- the essence of the teaching,
- liberation through activity,
- liberation from illusion.

The first of these three sections explains the BASE of the primordial state by discussing 3 topics:

- the mother (ma),
- the son (bu),
- energy (tsal),

energy being the inseparability of the mother and son.
Symbols such as "the mother and son" are used in Dzogchen to clarify and facilitate understanding.

This triad corresponds to the triad widely used in the Nyingmapa Dzogchen teachings:
- essence (ngo bo),
- nature (rang bzhin)
- energy (thugs rje).

To some extent ma corresponds to the absolute truth, but to the relative truth, and tsal to the unification of the two truths in the Sutra teachings found in the Prajnaparamita literature.

Ma is the kunzhi,
the base (gzhi) of everything (kun). As the kunzhi,

- "ma" is a symbol for the emptiness of the natural state, experienced by the individual as the unborn essence of the mind;
- "bu" is the clarity (rig pa) of the natural state, experienced by the individual as unobscured wisdom, the luminous self-awareness of the mind.

The empty space of the kunzhi is dark, and the clarifying light of rigpa arises and irradiates the kunzhi.
The space remains empty but luminous-it is no longer dark. This arising luminous rigpa in the emptiness of the primordial state is the son of the mother-kunzhi-space.

Thus kunzhi and rigpa are said to be like the inseparable mother and son.
In the primordial state, emptiness and clarity are inseparable.
In the primordial state, emptiness is unobscured.
Emptiness is clarity and clarity is emptiness.

We cannot say that emptiness is one thing and clarity another because, in fact, they are a SINGLE UNITY.
The best meditation is no meditation
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