Ten Gyer Mön Lam

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Ten Gyer Mön Lam

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Ten Gye Mön Lam ~ Prayer for Spreading the Bön Teachings

By Gerry H.

Namo! Lu me’ chap chog nam gyi chin lab dang
Salutations! By the blessing of the infallible excellent refuge

Nam kar ge’ tsog drup pai nu tu dang
By the power acquired from virtuous work

Bön nyi nam par dag pai den tob gyi
By the strength of the pure truth which is reality,

Ji tar mön pai dön kun drup gyur chig
May every desired object of prayer be realized!

Ten pai nying po sang gye yung drung bön
May the essence of all doctrines, Yungdrung Bön, be spread.

Ten dzin pon lob she drup pel wa dang
May the study and practice of its upholders, both teachers and disciples develop.

Ten jin nga tang long chö gye pa dang
May the wealth and prosperity of those who support them increase

Ten pa si tai bar du ne’ gyur chig
And may this teaching remain until the end of existence!

Kye par je tsun nyam me’ la ma yi
In particular, the venerable and unequalled lama’s

Ring lug trul me’ shen ten men ri ling
Infallible system of the monastery of Menri where the doctrine of Shenrab is taught,

Do ngag nyi da zung drel ten pai chog
The excellent teaching which unites both monastic and esoteric doctrines, like the sun and the moon,

Du kun nyam me’ yun ring ne’ gyur chig
May it always be unimpaired and last forever!

De’ nyi dzin kyong pel wai sol dzin pai
Upholding, protecting and spreading that tradition,

Tsung me’ la mai zhap pe’ ten pa dang
May the incomparable lamas live long,

Nam dag du de’ dar zhing gye pa dang
May their congregation extend and grow,

Nyen pai drak chen sat teng kyab gyur chig
And may their fame spread all over the world!

De’ la ten ne’ ka nyam dro wa kun
Relying on them, may all sentient beings, beyond numbers like the sky,

Ne’ mug trug tso rab tu zhi wa dang
Be without illness, war and dispute,

Pen de’ kyi pai nyi ma bum shar ne’
And a hundred thousand suns of the happiness of well-being and peace having arisen,

Tar thug dzog sang gye pai tashi shog
May they finally attain the good fortune of perfect enlightenment!
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Re: Ten Gyer Mön Lam

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:applause: Good prayer
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