Dec.2 online 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'

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Dec.2 online 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'

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Sunday, December 2nd
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Pacific Time
Registration is required.

It is said that one of the best things we can engage in during a challenging time is to chant blessed prayers and mantras with faith and a sincere heart.

Chöying invites you to enter the beauty and depth of the inspiring Ear-Whispered Chö Practice - 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'
She will also offer the transmission to practice, the so-called "Eight-Lines of Vajrayogini."
These 8 lines are highly secret and powerful mantras to recite especially suitable for the present day in which there are so many impediments on the path.
This practice of the ‘Eight Lines of Praises to Vajrayogini’ is a powerful shortcut to remove obstacles and accumulate merit since these eight praises contain the mantra of all the enlightened ones of past, present,
and future and are particularly recommended for this present era.

Please join us, regardless of your affiliations or spiritual inclination, for these beautiful and powerful practices. Together we will cultivate love, peace, and courage to face adversities.
The Supplication song was initially shared by Chöying at the international Chö/Zhije Conference at Tara Mandala in the summer of 2017.
This prayer was composed by Machik's eldest son, Gyelwa Döndrub and has been chanted with blessed melodies over the centuries by ear-whispered Chö masters.

The Eight-Lines of Vajrayogini will also be chanted with exquisite and blessed melodies in Sanskrit and dance.

In conjunction with these practices, Chöying will also guide us through what she calls "Chö Tonglen."

The free downloadable text will be provided to the registered participants in advance.

Suggested donations $10 - $35

More info at the link.
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Re: Dec.2 online 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'

Post by Vasana »

Does anyone know much about Chöying Khandro ?
Is anyone here her student?
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Re: Dec.2 online 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'

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Chöying is an amazing teacher and practitioner. She has taught at Tara Mandala many times. I received transmission and teachings on the Ganden Ear Whispered Chöd practice, which is from the Gelug tradition. It is very beautiful, haunting, and has so much poetry in it's words, melody, and the way the drum dances it's own unique motion throughout the practice. I've included a Youtube post of Kunze Chimed, a famous Mongolian singer and dedicated Chödma, singing the whole thing.

Chöying has a very powerful presence, particularly in her singing. She is also very kind, funny, and sweet. She interweaves teachings with movement practices, to reinvigorate the sessions. I'm pretty sure she only teaches the Yoga and "vajra poses" that she has learned in the Ganden tradition.

During the retreat I was in, she led meditations every morning which were so authentic, present, and really touched into the heart. The heart-break, gentleness, and sincerity in her voice and presence, as she leds meditation, is like no other I have experienced. The meditations journey through Shamatha, Vipassana, Tonglen, and Mahamudra. They flow between these traditions in the one sitting, and it feels really natural.

I definitely recommend creating a connection with Chöying!

Video below, of Kunze Chimed singing the Ear-Whispered Chöd. Much luv, Clinton
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Re: Dec.2 online 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis.'

Post by Lhasa »

:good: I totally agree.
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