Thai Buddhist Prayers to Ask Forgiveness

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Thai Buddhist Prayers to Ask Forgiveness

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Here is a video of two Thai Buddhist prayers titled: "Thai Buddhist prayer to ask forgiveness from the triple gem" by Ajahn Spencer Littlewood. I believe he runs the website "":

I wrote out the verses the best that I could, but it may not be 100% accurate:

1st prayer:
Prayer to ask for forgiveness from the triple gem

"Ugasa ajayo no pande atjaa kamami yuta palay
yuta mun ay yuta a gu solay yay makyung kah ram ha
ay wan pande mak yang aja yo no patikan hata
agatain sang vajra ya me teh ray bamah teh nah
ta wah ra ta yeh na ka tang sa pang apparatang kamami pande"

"I or we ask for forgiveness from the triple gem. I or we have been unskillful and made mistakes toward the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha whilst we were foolish and created inauspicious things in our minds and made us do wrong things against ourselves and other people. May all beings who we have hurt in any way please forgive us and all the beings in the universe please forgive us for the things we did wrong. From now on may we behave ourselves without any karmic reverberations. Whichever life we live in may we create only good karma and merits toward ourselves to escape all the dangers of the hell worlds, and the hungry ghosts, and the jealous gods; to be only born as a human or a deva or a Brahma; and to escape all the attacks of all maras and demons in this life and in all other lives"

2nd prayer:
Prayer for Forgiveness/Purification

"Sa two Aja yang Aja yo no mey pande Aja
karma ya ta palay yata mon la hey yata agusalay
may maya pala da chi da akarawah akarawah puta
tee mah ta mah tee mah sankat tee mah mah mah
rata nata yay kah yay nah wajaya ma na sa no
pande pi ni putung pi ni tam mung pi ni sang kung ahjet
yang ahjet yat do pa ti kan ha do ayat ting pande
sang wat ray Yama sagatja kahru kahrawa eta
amhagang sukang hetaya maka pula nibbana bata yoh
hoto adaytuk toe sung batcho bana toe sung
kaya kamung wati kamung mah no kamung"

"I have transgressed against the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha be in bodily, with speech, or within the heart and mind both known and secretly. I (name) am full of impurity, and bad karmic residue due to greed, harmful thoughts, and ignorance. May the sins of the past or the present be retraced and forgiven by the Triple Gem and disappear in this very moment, place, and time."
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