Riwo Sangchod - Restrictions regarding time performed?

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Riwo Sangchod - Restrictions regarding time performed?

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Slightly off topic question.

Are there any restrictions/difference in significance or effect for Riwo Sangchod in terms of time performed?

Can it be performed any other time other than in the morning? (say, evening, night, midnight?)
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Re: Riwo Sangchod - ingredients question

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Maybe the effect can change depending on time, i don't know.

But there is what the tradition say, and there are your circonstances. You can keep the philosophy, the principle fully alive, to the highest integrity, and also adapt the form depending on who you are, where you are and what your circonstances are.

If you ask my opinion, what is important is that you perform sadhana, express your love, purify the quality of your intention, develop boddhicitta. The form, well do your best, but adapt to your circonstances.

If you can't offer a lot of ingredients, just offer some incense, and multiply and purifiy it with your visualisation.

And if you can't even offer incense, perform it in visualisation. That works also.

In hinduism, if someone can't perform a homa (fire ceremony), he can do it mentally in a variety of form, and it can, in some circonstances, even be more powerful than a formal fire ceremony.

The right time is the time where your heart wants to express its radiance to the universe, and commune with the divine.

Don't let circonstances be an obstacle to your practice. Do your best, and don't worry if something is not perfect. What matter the most is your intention.
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Re: Riwo Sangchod - Restrictions regarding time performed?

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Morning time is considered the most effective.
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Re: Riwo Sangchod - Restrictions regarding time performed?

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Agreed, before noon the best time, but you can do it any time of the day or night. In Lama Dawa's sangha, we often do it during tshog in the evenings.
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Re: Riwo Sangchod - Restrictions regarding time performed?

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Morning is considered best, ideally predawn while things are still "freash". Generally sur would be offered in the evening.
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