Dzogchen, Buddhism and culture

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Re: Institutional Buddhism

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asunthatneversets wrote:Savagely :offtopic:

Mr. G's about to put this on lockdown for 3 incalculable eons.



Lhug-Pa wrote:Moved part of this post to here:

Music Time
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Re: Institutional Buddhism

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Thank you asunthatneversets and Lhug-Pa!
I really enjoyed the videos!
It's my turn now to offer you some:

[video] ... re=related[/video]

Please, watch this until the end.... :smile:

Two different versions of "A Song for the New Year" by Khyabjé Kalu Rinpoché:

[video] ... re=related[/video]

Personally, I prefer the first version, but the next video has more pictures, so everyone can understand better who is the creator of this song.

[video] ... re=related[/video]

Tashi Deleg Tashi Deleg
(Khyabjé Kalu Rinpoché's wishes for tibetan lunar new year 2011)

Tashi Deleg Tashi Deleg,
You are my family,
Standing in front of me.
On this very special day,
in this very special place,
a place called Dagshang Kagyu,
I want to share my heart with you:
In our past lives and in this life
from this impermanent happiness
we have been suffering so much !
I don't want this to go on ,
I don't want this to go on ,
I don't want our future
to be the same as before.
From now on, it will not be the same!
I'll look for a great teacher ,
A great teacher that can lead me,
Lead me on the path,
Lead me to enlightenment.
A teacher like a doctor,
Like a lion, like a mother,
Like a brother, like a family,
bringing dharma right into our life.
A doctor who can give me the right medicine,
a medicine that can cure my mind.
A lion who will guide me .
guide me with full confidence.
A mother who will hold me,
hold my hand in hard times.
A brother to have fun with,
to have fun with once we know true Dharma.
I want to care, I want to help .
I want to help all beings.
They have suffered for so long.
They are all my family.
All buddhas, all great masters,
deities and protectors,
bless me with your care,
Bless me with your kindness,
bless me with your wisdom,
bless me with your love,
bless me with your heart ,
May I be a mother for all !
When I look at their sadness,
when I look at their pain,
when I look at their misery,
I cannot sit still, I cannot relax .
Bodhisatvas ! I need your help!
In this new year, please please,
let all my family be happy!
Those I know, those I haven't yet seen,
let them be free, let them be free !
Let love cover the world!
A love without attachment!
Let love cover the world
a love without attachment!
Happy New year, Happy new year,
Even as emptiness,
Still ... happy new year, happy new year!
Happy new year from my heart !

P.S. Please Mr.G. and admins, do not erase those videos because they are showing that there are no real separations in between people and cultures. Thank you. :namaste:
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Re: Institutional Buddhism

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JKhedrup wrote:
So I think that while the teachings are presented in this sort of containerless form, ChNN does see tremendous value in traditions as preserved in Tibet.
Yup, and those of other cultures as well.
"Nonduality is merely a name;
that name does not exist."
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Re: Dzogchen, Buddhism and culture

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Dzogchen, Buddhism and culture.........It's not the appearance that binds you, it's the attachment to the appearance that binds you.

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Re: Institutional Buddhism

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JKhedrup wrote:Have had the morning free and I've been checking out Chogyal Namkhai Norbu on youtube.

In one particular segment he mentions that Dzogchen Guru Yoga is enough, but since many cannot remain in such a state all the time,
there are other, secondary practices. These are useful since we are in a state of duality. (Dzogchen Meditation)

Dzogchen Guru is does belong to the main practices in Dzogchen. But the Direct Introduction is also very important. If we cannot abide for as long time in the Natural State, then the experiences are not gone which we did obtain during the practice of the Natural State. One is then for instance in case of dwelling out of the Natural State , in the conviction that all is illusion, as a result of the done abiding in the NS. So the experiences of the NS are not gone.If they were gone that would mean that abiding in the NS would be senseless because it has to built up again and again.

To me it is interesting while the Dzogchen that CNN presents is stated as not being particularily connected with Buddhism or Bon, CNN states in numerous segments the importance of Tibetan culture. "I am Tibetan my culture is important to me, I must save my culture". (clip from My Reincarnation)

Yes the Tulku Tradition is part of it and that is also within DC accepted as a great value.Also the use of Lung Ta is Tibetan culture.
So there are things which can be left aside, namely the useless things out of the Tibetan Culture like undemocratic principles. I only want to mention here the position of women. So i go also for female Lineage Holders, Dzogchen Masters etc.

So I think that while the teachings are presented in this sort of containerless form, ChNN does see tremendous value in traditions as preserved in Tibet.
Yes here i can fully agree with you because ChNN did also follow Dzogchen Teachings in Bon, done by Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche. So ChNN sure does not under value other Traditions. He has experience / relation with Shakya and Kagyu also. But he is more Dzogchenpa then Shakyapa or Kagyudpa.

Mutsog Marro
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Re: Dzogchen, Buddhism and culture

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An On-topic! for the change ...

I fell in love with Tibet because their essential mission was to keep a continual stream of prayer. To me they kept the world from spinning out of control just by being a civilization on the roof of the world in that continuous state of prayer. The prayers are etched on wheels, they feel them with their hands like braille and turn them. It’s spinning prayer like cloth. That was my perception as a young person. I didn’t quite understand the whole thing but I felt protected. We grew up at a time when nuclear war seemed imminent with air raid drills and lying on the floor under your school desk. To counterbalance that destruction was this civilization of monks living high in the Himalayas who were continuously praying for us, for the planet and for all of nature. That made me feel safe.
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By understanding that any and all mental activity is meditation, you are freed from arbitrary divisions between formal sessions and postmeditation activity.
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Re: Dzogchen, Buddhism and culture

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  • How foolish you are,
    grasping the letter of the text and ignoring its intention!
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