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liberation in the bardo of dharmata

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 8:45 am
by bhava
a person who is able to achieve enlightenment of sambhogakaya in the bardo of dharmata thourgh recognition of sound, light, rays/peaceful-wrathful deities as his own manifestation,
1. Does achieve such attainment on the basis of familiarty with thogal or kyerim/dzogrim practices as well as aspirations? In general such moment of recognition, to be able to bring about such awakening, can also be brought about through the power of past aspirations, wishing prayers?
2. He or she can manifest nirmanakaya for the benefit of sentient beings on the basis of his previous bodhichitta cultivation, bodhisattva vow, or compassion, but at the same time is free, eg, if there is no will or intention, he can abide forever in the pure dimension of sambhogakaya, without manifesting further nirmanakaya, isnt it?
Thanks for your answers.