Sanskrit Title of the Sūtra of Accepting the Ten Good Karmas as Precepts?

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Sanskrit Title of the Sūtra of Accepting the Ten Good Karmas as Precepts?

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Does anyone happen to know the Sanskrit (or Gāndhārī, if that's what it was) title for the Sūtra of Accepting the Ten Good Karmas as Precepts or where I might find it? It falls into one of the categories of sūtras I've been researching lately. I'm usually able to find this sort of thing on my own, but I've had no success this time. I think the title likely contains the words daśa-kuśala-karmapatha ("ten skillful courses of conduct" or "ten wholesome paths of action"). For "precepts" it likely has something like śila, śīlāni, śikṣapada, or śikṣāpadāni. "Accepting" or "receiving" might be samādāya. I'm not sure though. It's a word for accepting, undertaking, adopting, or taking upon oneself that is often applied to receiving precepts in Buddhist texts.

Here's everything I know:
The title of the sūtra in Chinese: Shòu shí shàn jiè jīng (受十善戒經).

Short title: Shí shàn jiè jīng  (十善戒經).  

Korean title: Su sipsŏngye kyŏng (수십선계경).

Japanese title: Ju jūzenkai kyō  (ジュジュウゼンカイキョウ).

Vietnamese title: Thụ thập thiện giới kinh.

The title has been translated into English as: "The Sutra of Receiving Ten Wholesome Precepts" and "Sutra of Accepting the Ten Good Karmas as Precepts." The first translation is more literal (受 receive, accept  十 ten  善 good  戒 precept/s   經 scripture or sūtra).

Location in the Chinese Canon: Taisho volume 24 no. 1486.

Rulu says that it was "translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in the later Han dynasty by an unknown person."

I emailed this question to Rulu, but did not receive a reply. I hope that they are well.
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