Helping animals in Vajrayana

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Helping animals in Vajrayana

Post by kirtu »

How to Benefit Animals, pdf

Various Practices for Animals

Lama Zopa on Caring for Your Animals

Basically animal liberation, mantra recitation, and the power of holy objects.

Lama Zopa is a big proponent of chanting mantras and blowing them on the animal or blowing the manta into their food and water.
I have seen this transform pets.

Several years ago I had to move to a dangerous city and initially I had moved into the most dangerous part of that city (really - completely unbeknownst to me). Walking to the subway in the early morning I would pass a tire business/garage that had a pair of killer dogs (really). I began chanting the Mani mantra for them as I passed. This was repeated every evening. After a relatively short time the dogs calmed down somewhat and one of them stopped barking at me. However this was noticed by someone at the business and the dogs were retrained (retraumatized) . Whenever I passed them I chanted mantra for them. And the dogs would calm down again over time and they would also be "retrained". It was heart breaking although it was a definite lesson that even some mantra recitation can be helpful. Eventually I moved away from that location.

Kirt's Tibetan Translation Notes

"Even if you practice only for an hour a day with faith and inspiration, good qualities will steadily increase. Regular practice makes it easy to transform your mind. From seeing only relative truth, you will eventually reach a profound certainty in the meaning of absolute truth."
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Re: Helping animals in Vajrayana

Post by cjdevries »

Thank you for sharing this information; it is very helpful. I have been reading "The Right View" by Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro and he also shares information about liberating live beings. He says the important thing is that the animals hear the recitations of the mantra or Buddhas' names in their own minds. However, from my experience it seems that reciting mantras or Buddhas' name for them even if they can't hear them is still highly beneficial. Here is an excerpt from "The Right View":

"According to the scriptures, these beings will be greatly benefitted upon hearing the Buddha's names and mantras. Also make sure that every one of them can hear the recitations. If we recite from afar and dedicate the merit to them afterward, they can be benefitted somewhat but cannot obtain specifically the merit of hearing the Buddha's names because they did not hear the recitations. If we recite within their hearing range, the merit they will receive are twofold: first, they will be the beneficiaries of our dedication; second, by merit of hearing the Buddha's names and mantras, they can attain liberation from samsara. It does not mean that liberation can be attained in their next life, which ultimately depends on how serious their respective hindrances are, but it should not take too long."

I have been playing a mantra tape of Akong Rinpoche inside my garage where there is a consistent trail of ants.
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Re: Helping animals in Vajrayana

Post by madhusudan »

Thanks for this thread. I want to add that the opportunity to save worms arises fairly often if you're on the lookout. When they get into areas like sidewalks with high foot traffic you can relocate them to safer areas. It can also be a lesson in humility if there are others around observing as you stoop down to pick up a worm.
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