Lama,Monk,Buddhist Monastery

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Lama,Monk,Buddhist Monastery

Post by Deewana »

Can somebody please help me find a lama or monk or a buddhist monastery in India

I am dealing with severe past life bad karma

No medicine is helping me (chronic health issues and black magic trouble )

please help me out

Thank you so much

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Re: Lama,Monk,Buddhist Monastery

Post by SilenceMonkey »

Go to Dehradun! Some of the great monasteries of different traditions are all in the same area.

Alternatively, you could try Tashi Jong or a monastery in Bir. Tso Pema is also a great place to go.

Some places you would need a permit, such as Dehradun and Bir. Wherever you go, you can ask around where you might find someone who can help you. With luck you’ll have an audience with a lama and can receive a dharma teaching as well as get help with your problem.
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Re: Lama,Monk,Buddhist Monastery

Post by pemachophel »

If you tell us where you are in India, we can give you an actual name and place.
Pema Chophel པདྨ་ཆོས་འཕེལ
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