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Lineage question

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Hello everyone and sorry for my low knowledge, although I am eager to learn. I have a question about Lineages. Is there an Initiation needed, or can I get approvement to study in a lineage from afar if I can't come to a centre of that lineage. Any answer is apreciated . Thank you and Tashi Delek all.
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Re: Lineage question

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what usually connects you and the lineage is the refuge ceremony and an empowerment if we are talking about vajrayana. that is the initial connection you make with a lineage, after the empowerment you are authorized to do certain practice, form, specific to that lineage. but there is no initiation to a lineage really other than that. at least not that i know of. and if there is, it is not the normal case scenario. what connects you to the lineage is the lama and his instructions and blessings and your practice of the practices of that lineage.
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