Accumulation of Mani mantra (Karma Kagyu)

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Accumulation of Mani mantra (Karma Kagyu)

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I was looking at the Karma Kagyu Calendar site and found an area of the site where they are accumulating Chenrezig 6-syllable mantra to dedicate to HH Karmapa's activities. They are encouraging anyone who feels like it to recite Chenrezig mantra dedicated to HH Karmapa's work and then to go to the site and type in how many recitations you did. You can use it several times a day and can type as few or as many as you wish. They said even reciting one mantra and typing it in would be beneficial. The mantras are dedicated to the older of the Karmapas, HH Trinley Thaye Dorje. ... collection
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Re: Accumulation of Mani mantra (Karma Kagyu)

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That´s great. Thank you very much.
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