Gradual Teaching in Mahayana Buddhism

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Gradual Teaching in Mahayana Buddhism

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Queequeg wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:35 pm It occurred to me that, other than straw men in polemical screeds, I can't think of any Gradual Teaching Mahayana Buddhism. Is there such a thing?
Saṃdhinirmocana sutra was the main Yogachara sutra: chapters 5–9, a teaching on the path in terms of practices and
stages to attain awakening.

The five paths (Skt. pañcamārga) in Yogachara.

Asanga`s Mahayanasamgraha, transl. by Lamotte:
CHAPTER THREE: Jñeyalakṣaṇapraveśa [pg. 155]…………………..212
I. Praveśa in general (§ 1)
II. Saṃbhāravasthā
1. Adhimukti (§ 2)
2. Four stages of praveśa (§ 3)
3. Practices of saṃbhāra (§ 4)
4. Three cittottāpana (§ 5)
5. Catuḥsthānaprahāṇa (§ 6)
III. Prayoga- and prativedhāvasthā
1. Four paryeṣaṇās and four yathābhūtaparijñānas (§ 7)
2. Entry into the Vijñaptimātra, process and comparisons (§ 8)
3. Entry into the three svabhāvas (§ 9)
4. Domains of nāman (§ 10)
5. Darśanamārga (§ 11)
6. Śamatha and vipaśyanā (§ 12)
7. Four nirvedhabhāgīyas and four samādhis (§ 13)
IV. Bhāvanāmārga (§ 14)
There is a commentary on the five paths in Cheng Weishi Lun:

Volume Nine - On the Noble path

https://anlacpublications.files.wordpre ... f#page=382

I have added a tag to that URL so that page will open automatically.
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