Mantra to recite on behalf of young children

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Mantra to recite on behalf of young children

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Here is a standard Mahayana Buddhist mantra that is beneficial to recite for young children, to help their merits from past lives becomes activated into virtues in the present life:

Guna Ratna Sila Dharani

Kung te pao shan shen chou
na mo fo to yeh na mo ta mo yeh na mo seng chieh yeh
an hsi ti hu lu lu hsi tu lu chih li po chi li po
hsi ta li pu lu li so po ho

Uses: you can recite this mantra for an unborn child or for a child under 5 years of age. This mantra helps to convert and transform your child’s positive karmas and merits from previous lives into virtues in the present life. The virtues can be used to protect and bless this child and help this child to eliminate calamities, and obtain safety and good fortune.

you can also recite this mantra for yourself, it helps to transform your good deeds and merits into virtues, as virtues can eliminate karmic obstacles. If during a certain period of time, you have performed many good deeds and collected much merit, and you would like to pray for a specific issue, then you can recite this mantra to receive aid for this specific issue.
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Re: Mantra to recite on behalf of young children

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In chinese


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