Walking on liquid

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Walking on liquid

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This is not Dharma-related at all, it's just kind of cool.

"Oobleck," named after a substance in a doctor Seuss book, is a mix of cornstarch and water that has a peculiar property: If you slam it forcefully, it acts as a rubbery solid. If you slowly and gently apply pressure, however, it acts as a liquid. So you can pour it, submerge in it...or you can run across it. Just don't stop running or it will liquify on you...

"One should cultivate contemplation in one’s foibles. The foibles are like fish, and contemplation is like fishing hooks. If there are no fish, then the fishing hooks have no use. The bigger the fish is, the better the result we will get. As long as the fishing hooks keep at it, all foibles will eventually be contained and controlled at will." -Zhiyi
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Re: Walking on liquid

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I've played with small quantities of it (it's easy to make) and it's fun.

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Re: Walking on liquid

Post by Hazel »

I had already prepared a snarky reply before reading the content, thinking this would be about something else. I guess I'll just have to save it for another day.

Super cool!! Thanks for sharing :-).
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