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Re: Climate rebels

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Simon E. wrote: Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:19 am It’s interesting, the first footage of the incident I saw did not show that the initial violence came from the protestor on the train roof. It just showed him being dragged off. Subsequent coverage commences a few seconds earlier and shows him clearly and deliberately kicking one of the commuters in the face, which then escalates into a melee.
There was a lot of 'spin'. One ER photographer claimed he too had been kicked by people whilst on the ground. They must have been wearing cushions on their feet as he appeared to be in pretty good nick. ཁྲོཾ

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Re: Climate rebels

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It’s clearly a very stupid tactic. It makes me wonder again whether they have indeed been infiltrated by agent provocateurs , or whether they really are that thick.
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