Difference between Hongwanji and Otani-ha

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Difference between Hongwanji and Otani-ha

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When I was in Kyoto, I visited Higashi Honganji but not Nishi Honganji. Time was limited and I didn't realise at the time that they represented different subsects of Jodo Shinshu. I got the service book from the Higashi Honganji, and noticed that there are a few subtle pronunciation differences in the Shoshinge.

So what are the main differences between the Otani-ha (Higashi Honganji) and Hongwanji (Nishi Honganji)? Are they doctrinal, or simply political? Do members of each tradition practice differently?

Also, why are there more Nishi Honganji (BCA) temples in the USA than Otani-ha temples?
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Re: Difference between Hongwanji and Otani-ha

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The transition from Tokugawa Bakufu to Meiji Government was a rough process that took years to complete.

Hongwanji-ha aligned itself with the anti-Bakufu forces early in the conflict and remained supporters.

Ōtani-ha remained loyal to the Tokugawa Bakufu to the end, which led to hostility from the Meiji government toward them, especially in the early years of the Meiji period.

Therefore the Nishi side, being close to the highly nationalistic new Meiji government, thus became more Japan-centered, inward looking, and accepting of the new political and social culture under Meiji leadership.

The [Otani] side, being alienated from the Meiji government, became marginalized and therefore more cynical toward the new regime, and also outward looking and open to Western ideas.

From this PDF file, which also has more info on a few subtle doctrinal points of contention:

http://www.buddhistchurchesofamerica.or ... tation.pdf
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Re: Difference between Hongwanji and Otani-ha

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Thank you for sharing this! :anjali:

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