Finding Peace of Mind - Dalai Lama Video

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Finding Peace of Mind - Dalai Lama Video

Post by Ayu »

For me, this short video is so inspiring and helpful right now. His words are such an effective remedy againt distress:

For the benefit and ease of all sentient beings. :heart:
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Re: Finding Peace of Mind - Dalai Lama Video

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Though His country is in turbulence, He seems to have a very good outlook on the possibility of humankind becoming better at this whole thing of being nice to each other in the future. Though things are said to be in decline, we often see futures that are actually the prevailing of the human and Earth Planetary system and Spirit. So this is very uplifting to see the Dalai Lama say. I read in His Art Of Happiness book that He considers Himself a happy person. I hope that He is still happy today, but by His level of Buddhist Advancement I certainly believe that He is. And He is sharing that important aspect of Buddhist life with others. A healthy happiness is a Buddhist happiness, and that’s what He wants for us, so I think we have a lot to to thank for Him in Buddhism, no matter what sect or tradition we follow. There are those Gurus who say they don’t teach separation, and I think someone like the Dalai Lama, as clearly is, manifests the Spirit of His feminine aspect fully, of Quan Yin, with His Compassion, for from His Compassion to all beings, all beings benefit, and all Compassion is an Emanation of the Compassion of Avalokakitesvara, together, with all of our’s. Om.

Om Mani Padme Hum.
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