My Teacher Needs Help

Requesting financial support for participation in Dharma events.
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My Teacher Needs Help

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Dear Friends,
I hate to ask for help, but my teacher could use all the financial support you can offer. My teacher has a little retreat center in the mountains of New Mexico. "After purchasing the land in Ojo Sarco (in 1996) she felt so drawn to, two members came to live on the property and help develop it. At the time, Roshi was living in an ancient travel trailer. They laid out the lines for a new zendo (meditation room), which was the first structure built on the land. It was constructed entirely with volunteer labor using the traditional adobe building methods of the area. The first sesshin was soon held, even before the zendo was finished. It was January, and the temperature often dipped below freezing. The hardy participants sat by kerosene lantern light with only a mud floor in the meditation room and construction materials piled high. The old travel trailer was used for women’s housing and the men slept in the zendo. There was one outhouse. It was clear that more building space was needed. "

I put the above quote in there to show you the character of my teacher. In her 60's I saw her working on the roof of the building. Her place when I was there last, had a small zendo (meditation room), one room that served as my teacher's quarters/bedroom, instruction room, library, and dining room; a bath, and one bedroom for women and one for men. The kitchen was in a separate building and had no running water. To say my teacher has been both frugal and hard-working is an understatement.

When the land was paid off, it seemed time to expand the facility. Someone donated plans for the larger building which will hold more participants. Besides having Buddhist retreats in the Zen tradition, my teacher is also hosting Regaining Balance retreats for women veterans who suffer from PTSD and also for the female partners of veterans that suffer from PTSD. All those who work these retreats for veterans due so without pay.

My teacher could use help with funding the completion of this building. One of the problems they have had is the weather. Until they can get all the outside up and the roof finished, the traditional adobe walls deteriorate with each rainfall.

This update on Facebook for May 15th:
"The water is now running down the inside mud wall; it's been raining heavily a good part of the day... Hope is that the rain will stop for long enough that it can dry out; water and mud brick walls don't mix very well. If we could only get the rest of the upstairs built..."

and the 16th"
"Yesterday, rain all day (inside and outside) so the hallway floor is wet. Suddenly this morning, after initially looking like it was all clearing up—sun brilliant (for a minute or two)—we find ourselves in the midst of a blizzard... You can see the whiteout as well as the flooded first floor of the construction, photographed through the door at the end of the hallway. The soaked inside walls at the end of the hallway are not shown. The adventures of dollar-by-dollar construction!"

If you could give, even a little, it would be much appreciated. Most of you know that I have illnesses which make it difficult to travel and do a retreat any longer. My teacher continues to work with me on Personal Term Intensives I do at home, keeping in touch with me while I do them on a daily basis. My teacher also continues to further her own practice. I have so much respect and gratitude for Mitra Bishop, Roshi and any flaws I may have in my character reflect on me, not her or her efforts.

So, why should you help? All places that promote healing, peace, meditation, and awakening are needed in this world. My teacher's history proves that she is a hard-working, frugal, and a serious proponent of the Dharma.

There are several ways to donate money. One is on the Mountain Gate web page. Another is on Razoo (Razoo has a $10 limit though). You can send a check directly to:
Mountain Gate
HC 65 Box 78
Ojo Sarco, NM 87521-9604

Mountain Gate's web site:
Mountain Gate
Expanding Our Facilities for Women Veterans Retreats and also Zen Sesshin ... st-Sesshin
To follow Mountain Gate's facebook page: ... nCommunity

If you would like to purchase any of her calligraphy, she also has that for sale on her site. Plus you can donate and have money dedicated to the merit of someone you love or someone who has passed. For any of you who choose to help, I give my heartfelt thanks to you!!!
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Re: My Teacher Needs Help

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Can't help much, but I'll offer some prayers and add your donation page to stumbleupon.

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Re: My Teacher Needs Help

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Hello sattva,

I wish much success and financial relief for your teacher.
Please read the "Dana for Dharma Guide" of DW for to plan your further steps:
For the benefit and ease of all sentient beings. :heart:
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