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Requesting financial support for participation in Dharma events.
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Dāna for Dharma Forum Guide

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Dāna for Dharma Forum Guidelines

The aim of this sub-forum is to provide a dedicated space for registered users who are actively participating on Dharma Wheel (by positively contributing to discussions thereby supporting this online community) to ask for donations to enable participation in Dharma activities e.g. retreats or teachings.

To prevent people registering at this website with the sole purpose of soliciting for money it is required any Registered User who wishes to post their request for monetary support meet the following criteria:
  • * A member must have been "Registered user" for at least three months
    * A member must have made at least 100 posts (not counting those made in any of the forums/sub-forums of the Welcome or the Teahouse of the Compassionate One sections of the board)
Dharma Wheel is not equipped to handle financial transactions and as such the following rule applies:
  • * A link to your page on the Offering Bowl website must be included in all requests
We will not consider any request which asks for money to be paid directly to a registered user.

Please submit a post stating the amount of money required and for what purpose it is to be used. Only requests which are asking for financial assistance for Dharma activities will be considered. All new topics will be automatically submitted for (manual) approval by the staff team before becoming visible.

The staff team reserve the right to refuse requests.
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