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Re: a confession

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In addition to my earlier posts mentioning methods of purification, I wanted to add that prostrations are particularly effective at purifying. One day, after several hundred prostrations, I had an auspicious dream of my Buddhist teacher who gave me some profound advice about how my true nature was independent of my karma. This was when I was going through some intense obstacles. I'm fairly certain it was doing the prostrations that allowed me to have the dream. I received instructions to do the prostrations from another Buddhist teacher.
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Re: a confession

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The real hell you'll suffer in is your mind. Seeing this, view the occurence as strictly what happened, without any attachment to your personal experience during it, and view yourself as only what you are doing right now. The person who did this will cease to exist, and you would be reborn.
with that, i must go... to the toilet dimension :toilet:
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Re: a confession

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Hopefully these will help:
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Re: a confession

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floatingbubbles07 wrote: Fri Aug 07, 2020 8:59 pm I found this.....
The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha then addressed the Holy Mother, saying, "In southern Jambudvipa, the retribution for various sins is as follows: If someone should fail to fulfill his filial duty toward his parents or, at worst, kill or harm them, he will fall into Avici Hell, where he will remain for thousands of myriads of millions of kalpas without a date for release. If someone should shed the blood of a Buddha, ridicule the Three Jewels or fail to respect the sutras, he, also, will fall into Avici Hell, where he will remain for thousands of myriads of millions of kalpas without a date for release. If someone should encroach upon or steal the property of some Buddhist establishment, slander bhiksus or bhiksunis, indulge his carnal lust in a sangharama, or kill or harm others, then he or she will fall into Avici Hell and remain there for thousands of myriads of millions of kalpas without a date for release.
... indulge his carnal lust in a sangharama,
This could in fact be the actual meaning in this sutra but given the other issues around it this is more likely referring to rape of a monk or nun and more likely an Arya Bodhisattva monk or nun at that. Or this might be a bad translation and what was really meant was the intentional destruction of a temple or stupa (neither of which are "Immediate Retribution" or even near "Immediate Retribution" transgressions although there are different lists). Otherwise "masturbating in a temple" doesn't even reach the next lower level of near "Immediate Retribution" transgressions.

Ksitigarbha probably said this part because he needs to rescue people (so this is mostly upaya) :jumping: . If you happen to pop into the hells then you'd hear his clanging staff pretty shortly thereafter (so look, this isn't really a serious issue IMO - although I understand that it is serious for you).

Basically confess the downfall to the Buddhas and resolve to never do it again. Also cultivate a virtuous mind (do good things and turn away from "bad" things as best you can). If you follow Vajrayana then do Vajrasattva meditation and recitation, confess the downfall and resolve to never do it again, etc.

Don't beat yourself up over this.

The real issue this that we have all done things in previous lives and maybe in this life too that would definitely result in the hell realms. But we can purify previous transgressions and create immeasurable merit in this lifetime and purify our minds now.

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Re: a confession

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DNS wrote: Sun Aug 09, 2020 12:51 am Lucky for you, apparently there were no cameras in the area. Most temples and houses of worship have cameras for security. You could have been charged with at least a misdemeanor, vandalizing property.

Or worse, what if someone got sexually assaulted in that area and then the police, judge, and jury would have "DNA evidence" that you did the assault, even though you did not do it (and end up in prison for a long time).

As suggested by others, giving funds to the temple sounds like a good idea. It would be a sort of restitution and making merit.
Giving funds to the temple would be a great idea. Luckily, it seems like OP is truly sorry and remorseful and knows what he should have done. I'm not sure what you meant with the camera and DNA comments. It seems OP is in somewhat of a hellish mind state already due to regret and understanding it was wrong. I can understand adding chastising words if someone is shameless and or likely to repeat a misdeed but I don't think either of those are true here. Respectfully, I would also like to add that the sexual assault and DNA scenario seems far-fetched. Technically possible, but it comes off as somewhat of a scare tactic. I also have to wonder how cognizant a 15 year old would have been... Certainly old enough to make an informed decision, but there are degrees of informedness which does factor into karma, and it looks to me that as he matured, his understanding of his wrongdoing matured too. I say all of this with a respectful intention. I have some OCD tendencies myself, and when I was a Christian it was especially hard having the compulsion to do repetitive mental rituals to try to absolve myself of a sin. So I think OP is suffering enough and I do sympathize with his present situation.
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Re: a confession

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This is telling yourself things are not fine, but they actually are. problem is other way; the comfortable myrth. So do not couch your myths in the seat of marking territory! :heart:
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